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Allergy / Medical Condition

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For the health of your child the Bees Nees staff MUST be informed of any allergies that your child may have, whether they be caused by food, medication, or plant. If we are unaware of an allergy, we cannot prevent your child from coming into contact with the allergy source. Staff MUST also be informed of any medical condition affecting your child. If your child does have an allergy or other medical condition the centre’s Medical Condition Policy will be provided and a Risk Minimisation Plan will be completed. All staff have first aid qualifications.


Bees Nees Early Learning aims to provide a healthy and safe environment for the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of both the children and staff. If you suspect your child of having an infectious condition or early symptoms of illness, your child should be kept at home until you have had the symptoms checked by your GP. By doing this, you will be protecting your child and other children in the centre from unnecessary exposure to illness.

Signs and Symptoms to be Alert for:

If your child becomes ill while at the centre, you will be contacted, and asked to collect your child promptly. Staff will only call if your child is not well enough to be at the centre.

Parents will be called when:

If parents are unavailable, the emergency contacts provided on the enrolment form will be called. Staff will complete an Illness Record Form until your child leaves with a parent or carer.

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Excluding Sick Children and Staff

Bees Nees Early Learning Centre children at playExcluding sick children and staff is an important way of preventing the introduction or re-introduction of infection into the centre.

The most common cases of illnesses are:


After 2 loose bowel motions at the centre, the child will be required to go home. The parent/carer will be contacted to collect the child. The child is unable to return to the centre until 24 hours have passed since their last loose motion.  


Any child that vomits at the centre will be required to go home. The parent/carer will be contacted, and the child is unable to return until 24 hours have passed since their last vomit.

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Infectious DiseasesPlaying with timber at Bees Nees Early Learning Centre

Please notify the Centre by phone call when your child is sick or has contracted an infectious disease, so the appropriate measures can be adopted by staff. All Families will be notified on the Noticeboard of any illness that the centre has been alerted of. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

The staff at the centre will refer to and follow the guidelines for infectious diseases and illnesses outlined in Department of Health Staying Healthy in Child Care 5th Edition. The centre will exclude a staff member or child where it is indicated in the book.

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Head lice

If head lice or eggs have been found in your child’s hair, you will be contacted to collect your child. Your child will need to be treated for head lice, and can only return when all eggs have been removed from the hair. If you need further information regarding effective treatment for the removal of head lice and their eggs please call us on 4938 1900 .

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The Immunisation Status of your child is extremely important. In the event of a vaccine preventable disease occurring in the Centre, approved Provider/Nominated Supervisor/Educational Leader is required to notify the Public Health Unit. Children whose immunisation is not up to date will be excluded from the Centre, with fees still payable at this time.

The centre will ensure that parents/carers provide documentation of their child's immunisation history statement from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) upon enrolment. The Immunisation History Statement can be obtained online using your Medicare online account, through myGov or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app. It can also be obtained by visiting Medicare or Centrelink or by phoning the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) on 1800 653809.

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